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Our Crew

Henry Uihlein- Owner/Operator Uihlein's Marina ;Boat Rental and Motel

I was born into my parent's business which began in 1955. I began learning and helping in the business at the age of 7 and continued working summers throughout my college years.

I earned a B.S. in Education from the University of Tampa and a Masters degree in Physical Education from NYU in 1975. I taught Physical Education and was a High School Athletic Director until 1982. My father passed in 1977 and for 5 years, I taught school and ran the Marina. Since 1982 I have devoted every  bit of my time  and energy to the improvement and growth of Uihlein's Marina and facilities.  I have a Master Captain's License, strong qualifications and extensive knowledge of marina operations.

I am proud of the direction in which Uihlein's has been heading. The staff are all extremely well qualified and a pleasure to work with. They have a respect for themselves, their job and the people they service. My heart is in the business and I believe theirs is also. Each of them strives to better themselves and continue to do so year after year.

My staff and  I want every patron to have a pleasant experience at  Uihlein's. We will do all we can to satisfy our patrons' every need. We have been servicing people and making boating better for over 60 years and will take pride in continuing. We thank and love our customers and greatly appreciate the opportunity to make their time on the water make things nicer in their lives, 

Jeremy Somero- Service Manager, Lift Operator, Certified Mercury/Mercruiser Technician, Class A/B Operator underground storage tanks, Certified Pesticide Technician, Certified Welder. Certified in First Aid, CPR and AED.

I started working at Uihlein's Marina 18 years ago . Since that time, my  responsibilities have grown to  include  - service and repair of all equipment, rental boats, forklifts and travel  lifts. Hauling and blocking of all boats at Uihlein's. Service, Repair and operation of underground storage tanks. Sanding/painting, repairs and "barrier coating"  of boat bottoms. 

I generally oversee and coordinate all service work here at Uihlein's.

Henry Uihlein Jr.- Captain & Dock Manager

I am a Captain and Dockmaster at Uihlein's Marina and the proud son of Harry Uihlein Sr. I have been working at Uihlein's for 6 years, but have been around the docks  my whole  life. - all the while learning from my dad and gaining knowledge with hands -on  experience, 

Recently I obtained my OUPV Captain's License to further  enhance  my skills  with  regard to boating  and  water safety. 

IUihlein's is and always will be my home..  I enjoy my time here and am surrounded  by an experienced, and dedicated staff who will always be a part of the Uihlein  Family.

Alena Uihlein- Office Manager and Billing Specialist

I was born and raised in Belarus in eastern Europe, near Russia - and have lived permanently in the US for 6 years.

I am happily married to Henry Sr. and  since May 2017 have been working full time at the Marina.

My responsibilities include training and supervising front desk girls; billing; processing payments,; coordinating boat and motel rentals; organizing the office; ordering supplies and  tending to the needs  of our great customers.

I have  a Masters Degree in Finance and  am Certified in First Aid, CPR and AED.

Sam Walker - Marine Technician , Lift Operator, Class A Operator underground storage tanks, Pesticide Applicator.


I started working at Uihlein's at the age of 14 as a dockboy. This year will be my ninth season at the Marina.

I diagnose  and repair any  maintenance issues for our customers' vessels and rental boats .  I operate the  lifts and block, haul and launch our customer's boats . I also help maintain  the shop equipment.

Brian Smith - Rental Supervisor and Captain

I have  been a part of Uihlein's Marina  staff since 1976 and have been a licensed Captain for over 20 years.  I'm originally from Iowa City, Iowa and I  teach Science in East Hampton during the Winter months. My wife Sara  and I  welcomed a baby girl in 2017.

My responsibilities at Uihlein's include overseeing the  boat rentals,  I also assume the duties for coordinating "High-and-Dry storage" . 

James Raynoha- Facilities and Property Management Supervisor  


I began working at Uihlein's Marina in April 2009 after retiring from the US Army. My intention was to work temporarily while completing my degree in design/drafting and then move on. To my surprise, I have enjoyed working here so much, that after I received my degree I decided to stay full time. 2018 will be my tenth summer season at Uihlein's.

As Facilities and Property Manager, I ensure that the grounds are very well kept and maintain and/or repair all structures on the property, to include the construction of all new docks.

My secondary function is structural and cosmetic repairs to all boats.

I am Certified in First Aid,,CPR and AED. and am a Licensed Pesticide Technician.


Xani Fadil (John)- Head Detailer, Painter & Shrink Wrapper

I have been working at Uihlein's Marina for 2 and a half years .

My  current responsibilities include maintaining rental boats and attending to our customers' needs. 

I enjoy detailing boats and take pride in my work.  Painting and  shrink wrapping is another one of my responsibilities. 

I am always prepared to tackle any project that comes my way. I hope that I have become  an asset with the knowledge and experience that I have brought to Uihlein's Marina.

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